Monday, July 2, 2018

How Does Meditation Help With Anxiety

Meditation has numerous health benefits but this post is going to focus mainly on the mental benefits of meditation. When you sit down, close you eyes and start focusing on your breath you will quicly notice that it does not take long before a thought pops up...

...this is completely normal! What you do then is simple shift you focus BACK to the breath.

What have you done now? You have done ONE Repetition. You see, it is when you turn the focus back to the breath that you are training your brain and your ability to focus. This is like gymtraining for the brain.... that shifthing back is like doing that one rep of biceps curl in the gym.

How does this relate to anxiety?

Well, what happens just before you get that anxious feeling? You havea negative thought of some sort. IF you have done a lot of meditation you would now be able to do that shift I just described. FROM that negative thought back to your breath or whatever you want to focus on instead. This is more powerful than you can imagine. This is why I recommend meditation for all of my firends who suffers from worry, stress or anxiety.

This is where a cool gadget called "The Muse Brain Sensing Headband" comes in. This is a device that will supercharge your meditation and really take it to the next level. I have done an in depth review of this anxiety and meditation device on my website. If interested you can
click this link to go read about it now. It truly is a remarkable little gadget.

Also, while you are there on the site, make sure to check out all the other anxiety tools and tricks, as there are a lot of them. My goal is to collect and share every anxiety tips I can get my hands on and to keep building my website bigger and bigger. Hope you find something useful over there.

Thanks for reading!

-Bob Castle-

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